About the firm

The firm is a business-oriented lawfirm located in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. Eli Thorsteinsson specializes in financial regulation, financial compliance and GDPR amongst others, but can also guide you and provide legal services regarding almost all other areas of Faroese legislation.

The lawfirm is organized as a limited liability company with a faroese TIN 648760 and a registration number 7524 at Skráseting Føroya. The lawfirm has insurance and gurantees agreements in order for its attorneys at HDI Global Specialty SE, which includes Eli Thorsteinsson Attorney-at-Law. HDI Global Specialty SE, Denmark is a danish branch of HDI Global Specialty SE in Germany. HDI Global Specialty SE, Denmark adress is Indiakaj 6, 1. sal, DK-2100 Copenhagen. The insurance covers all legal pratice of the lawfirm and Eli Thorsteinsson, Attorney-at-Law. 

Eli Thorsteinsson, Attorney-at-Law was admitted to the bar in 2016 by The Danish Ministry of Justice, is a member of The Danish Bar and Law Society and is the sole owner of the lawfirm. Eli Thorsteinsson contact information are the same as the lawfirms: Børkugøta 12, FO-100 Tórshavn, email eth@eth.fo, mobile +298 590989.

The lawfirm and Eli Thorsteinss, Attorney-at-Law, are under supervision by The Danish Bar and Law Society and are obligated to adhere to the legal and ethical rules and obligations of the legal profession. Read more on The Danish Bar and Law Society website  www.advokatsamfundet.dk

The lawfirm has a clause in its terms and conditions about all conflicts between the clients and the lawfirm has to be solved be Faroese law and by the Court of the Faroe Islands. If a client is not satisfied with the service fee or the behaviour of an attorney, and is it not possible to reach an agreement, it is always possible to send an complaint to Advokatnævnet. Read more here: www.advokatnaevnet.dk.

The lawfirm has a collective client account at Betri Banki in the Faroe Islands which is covered by the Danish Gurantee Fund up to the general limit of EUR 100.000. You can read more about the Danish Guarantee Fund here: https://www.fs.dk/finansiel-stabilitet-at-a-glance/danish-guarantee-fund 

About Eli

Eli works with business law in a broad sense and has extensive experience from the financial sector, mainly as the head of the compliance department. Eli also has experience from a law office in Copenhagen, where his primary fields of work were real estate law, construction law and company law. 

Today Eli also works within the field of data privacy and protection. Eli holds two certificates from IAPP - the CIPM and CIPP/E.

Other employments:

2019 - 2021 : The Faroe Islands Legal Aid - Legal Counsel

2019 - 2020 : Faroe Law - Attorney-at-Law

2017 - 2019 : Betri P/F - Head of Compliance

2013 - 2019 : Betri Banki P/F - Head of Compliance

2008 - 2013 : Advokaterne Arup & Hvidt - Assistant Attorney-at-Law / Legal Counsel

Special assignments:

2021 -          : Chairman at Tvingsilsnevndin - appointed by the Faroese Government

2020 -          : External teacher af the University of the Faroe Islands

                       - Banking Law / Property Law  / The registration of property, mortgages, and other securities

Volunteer work:

2021 -          : Kyndil (handball club in Tórshavn) - Chariman of the board


Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of Copenhagen in 2012.

Admitted to the bar by The Danish Ministry of Justice in January 2016.


Faroese / Danish / English

Year of birth


Eli Thorsteinsson Attorney-at-Law