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The company is a business and market-oriented law firm, capable of servicing a large segment of the Faroese business community as well as the public sector with a wide range of services. The company also provides legal advice in private law to individuals.

Emphasis is placed on providing fast, clear, and qualified legal advice and service of high quality at competitive prices.

About Eli

Eli Thorsteinsson

Eli has been operating his own law firm since January 1, 2020.

Eli works within the field of commercial law in a broad sense and has solid experience from the Faroese banking sector as a legal advisor, chief compliance officer, etc., as well as from law firms in Copenhagen, where he worked for several years dealing with condominium associations, cooperative housing associations, association law, real estate, construction law, and corporate law.


Additionally, Eli specializes in data protection law and advises both businesses and institutions. In this regard, Eli holds two international certifications from IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals), namely CIPM and CIPP/E.

Eli also provides advice to public authorities and institutions in all areas related to public administration, such as administrative law, municipal law, employment matters, building permits, etc.

Furthermore, Eli advises individuals on private law matters, such as inheritance and estate settlement, drafting of wills, cohabitation agreements, etc., as well as drafting prenuptial agreements, wills, etc.

Eli Thorsteinsson
CIPM - IAPP Certification
CIPP - IAPP Certification
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The law firm is organized as a private limited company (Sp/f) and has taken out professional indemnity and guarantee insurance with HDI Global Specialty SE. The insurance covers all legal activities of the law firm, under this Eli Thorsteinsson Attorney-at-Law, regardless of where the legal activities take place.


Eli Thorsteinsson was admitted to the bar by the Danish Ministry of Justice on January 4, 2016, and is a member of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

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The terms and conditions of Sp/f Eli Thorsteinsson Law Firm apply to all tasks and services undertaken by the company, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Data protection and confidentiality are highly valued within the company. In the company's privacy policy, you can read about how the company handles information about you as a customer.

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