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Areas of practice

The company can provide advice and services within, among other areas, the following legal fields:

  • Banking law

  • Insurance law

  • Data protection / GDPR

  • Commercial and corporate law

  • Maritime law

  • Telecommunications law

  • Construction law

  • Real estate law

  • Tenancy law

  • Housing associations, including condominium associations and cooperative housing associations

  • Employment law / Labor law

  • Marketing and consumer rights

  • Administrative law

  • Municipal law

  • Tax law


Additionally, the company offers advice and legal services within, among other areas:

  • Contracts and negotiations

  • Debt collection

  • Litigation

  • Private legal matters for individuals

Data Protection Law

The company offers advisory services on data protection law. Eli Thorsteinsson holds international certifications from IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) in data protection law/GDPR and general data protection.


Eli can assist with the following, for example:

  • Data processing agreements

  • Written policies, procedures, etc.

  • Advice for both data controllers and processors

  • Data protection officer (DPO function) according to a specific agreement

  • Employee training

  • Compliance audits

Legal Courses

Occasionally, courses are organized within specific legal areas.


Eli has extensive experience in teaching from, among others, the University of the Faroe Islands (Fróðskaparsetur Føroya) at both bachelor's and master's levels as well as from other course activities.

Eli has teaching experience within, among other things, banking law, anti-money laundering legislation, data protection legislation, construction law, property law, lien rights (mortgage), legislation on condominium associations and other housing associations, as well as other legal areas.

It is also possible to arrange internal courses for your company, institution, or association if you have a specific legal topic you would like to delve into further.

Contact Eli Thorsteinsson with your questions about legal courses.

Legal Investigations

Sometimes, both companies, institutions, etc., may need to conduct investigations into certain matters. It can be advantageous to have an independent party conduct such investigations.

Eli has experience in conducting both internal and external legal investigations.

If you need an external and independent legal investigation into any matter, please feel free to contact attorney Eli Thorsteinsson.

Whistleblower system

In collaboration with an external provider, the law firm can offer a secure and seamless solution where the whistleblower system is tailored to your workplace.

The system will be administrated by the law firm under a fixed agreement.

All messages through the system will be handled confidentially by Eli Thorsteinsson Attorney-at-Law on behalf of the company.


Contact Eli Thorsteinsson to inquire and arrange further details.

Outsourcing or service agreement regarding legal work

Sometimes, it may be a more flexible solution to enter into a fixed agreement with an external lawyer for the legal work at the workplace, instead of hiring a person, for example.

For instance, it is possible to enter into a service agreement for this purpose, where the law firm takes over the legal tasks at the company according to a clear agreement. This way, you will have your own internal legal department.

Contact Eli Thorsteinsson for further details.

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